Wildfire Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Leeds which specialises in search engine optimisation (SEO) for clients across Yorkshire, London and the UK. The company also provides website development and social media management services.

The company was set up by Billy Foulkes in 2016 at the age of just 21, having previously worked for a marketing agency based in Wetherby.

Before venturing into social media, Billy had started a degree in accountancy but dropped out in his second year after he quickly realised it wasn’t for him.

Billy had big plans to expand the business, and so in 2017, he joined forces with his former colleague, Neal Foster, who specialised in website development.

The entrepreneurial duo planned the future of Wildfire Marketing while sitting round Neal’s kitchen table, working out what they would need to earn each month to survive.

A few months later, they moved into a small office space at Thorpe Park Business Park in Leeds, and in August 2018 they took on their first apprentice.



Wildfire Marketing needed to look like an established business to help them attract more clients and achieve their aim of becoming one of the top SEO agencies in Leeds.

The appointment of four new staff members in 2019 meant the company needed a much larger office for their expanding team.



Wildfire Marketing received a £4,000 grant from AD:VENTURE to help furnish a new office space at Pure Offices at Thorpe Park, which is just 100 metres down the road from their current office.

The grant money was used towards the purchase of a 60-inch TV screen to display their work to clients, a sign, sofa and chairs in their branding colours, and new PCs and monitors for their growing team of six.

Billy and Neal moved into their new premises on 1 June and plan to launch a new website in the coming months.

As well as funding, the pair have received ongoing business support and mentoring through the AD:VENTURE programme.




Billy said: “The mentoring and guidance we have received through the AD:VENTURE programme has been invaluable to us as a young start-up business.

“Both Neal and I were under 30 when we launched the company, so having a mentor like Kris who really gets us and where we want to take the business is great. We would consider him as a friend as well as a business advisor; it’s nice to have someone in your corner who wants you to do well.”

He continued: “Without the funding from AD:VENTURE the business wouldn’t be what it is today. Having a modern headquarters to show off to clients will help us establish ourselves as one of the top SEO agencies.”

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