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The Hair Extension Training Academy Ltd. offers ground-breaking Hair Extension courses in 10 different techniques as well as providing a Hair Extension service to the public.

Melanie Kirk (Managing Director) originally approached West and North Yorkshire Chamber for help in finding new markets for the training packages abroad.

Through the AD:VENTURE programme and the Enterprise Europe Network, Melanie was able to engage in the business support and have a free company profile published to find potential customers in over sixty countries across the world in the search for new business.

As part of on-going discussions, Melanie explained that many hair extension installations involved using nano rings to attach human hair to the client’s existing hair. Made of Zinc and Silicone, these rings were not hypoallergenic and sometimes caused problems with users.



Melanie’s dream was to develop and produce a new type of nano ring which would be hypoallergenic but had no idea where to start.

Through the Ad:Venture Partnership and working with Bradford and Airedale Manufacturing Alliance, Melanie was introduced to Dr. John Steele – Business Partnerships Centre Manager at University of Bradford to see if their materials department could help design prototypes.



Dr. Steele was able to offer Melanie two students, Darnell Asobie and Jaikar Singh, through a Knowledge Transfer Partnership, to work exclusively on developing the new nano rings and over time, the project expanded to include the development of new methods and equipment to fit the rings, potentially revolutionising hair extensions treatments. As part of the process, it was agreed that the students would spend a day at the training academy, learning how the nano rings were fitted.

The project continues with new prototypes, in new materials, currently being developed. University of Bradford, an Ad:Venture partner, is also helping with any attaching Intellectual Property, manufacturing design and packaging design, the intention being to bring these revolutionary products to market in the near future.

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Finally, the last words go to Melanie, “Working alongside my adviser has by far exceeded my initial expectations.

My business adviser has shown tremendous support and guidance over the past few months with regard to my invention and in support of moving THETA forward. His experience and relationships with people within the business support partnership, including people within Bradford University, has been instrumental in assisting the growth and manifestation of new ideas I have had.”

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