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AD:VENTURE Programme – New Tender Opportunity

West and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce

The delivery of a series of business growth workshop for pre -starts, start-ups and young business as part of the AD:VENTURE programme.

The West and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce are looking to engage a number of contractors to deliver a series of workshops across the Leeds City Region as part of the AD:VENTURE business support programme.

The AD:VENTURE programme provides ERDF funded growth support to pre-start, start-up and young business in their first three years of trading in the Leeds City Region. For further details please see: www.ad-venture.org.uk

The AD:VENTURE Programme is part funded by European Regional Development Funding.


 Contractors will be required to deliver;

  1. Virtual and physical workshops that cover the themes set out below. Physical workshops will be delivered at a specified venue, virtual workshops will be delivered via an online platform.
  2. Virtual Workshops are expected to last no longer than 1.5 hours, with approx. 1 hour of main content delivery, allowing 15 minutes for initial client registration and tech check, and around 15 minutes for client Q&A and workshop close down. Workshops delivered virtually may require two or more sessions to cover more in-depth content, where this is the case this will need to be delivered within a 7 day window.
  3. Physical Workshops are expected to be no longer than 3 hours, contractors will be expected to arrive at the specified venue at least 15 minutes prior to the workshop for set up purposes.
  4. Details of expected learning points and/or outcomes for participants. There should be a minimum of 3 learning points and /or outcomes. As a result of participating in a workshop an AD:VENTURE clients should have the additional skills, knowledge and tools to implement changes and improvement in their business. The contractor will need to provide appropriate resource such as; toolkits, checklists or action plan to enable and support client to achieve this aim.

Physical workshops will typically be delivered to a group of between 10-15 clients with a maximum of 20 participants (subject to room size), Virtual workshops will be delivered to a group of approximately 15- 20 clients with a maximum of 25 clients attending online, via the specified web conferencing software platform provided by AD:VENTURE. Physical workshops will be delivered in locations across the Leeds City Region. AD:VENTURE covers the following Local Authority Districts;

Harrogate, Selby, York, Leeds, Wakefield, Kirklees, Craven, Bradford, Calderdale.

Number and frequency of workshops required will be determined by the programme and subject to demand from and popularity with AD:VENTURE participants.

Workshops should be engaging and interactive, enabling clients to ask questions and apply practical learning.

Workshop Topics

We are looking for providers that are able to cover the themes identified below. We would welcome proposals that offer specific topics that address areas identified within each of the key themes.

Please consider the section below as a broad description of the kind of proposals we would like to receive, rather than a prescriptive list of workshop titles or content. We would like providers to use their own experiences of working with this particular client group to propose workshop titles and content that will appeal to and address the needs of AD:VENTURE participants.

Providers can submit proposals for any 1 or more of the themes, and outline any number of proposed workshops under each theme to address the topics identified.

AD:VENTURE participants will come to the programme with different levels of existing knowledge & experience of the business topics below. To address this, where appropriate we would welcome proposal that include workshops or workshop series designed for these different levels of knowledge.

  1. Marketing Your New Business
  2. Customer Management
  3. Making Sales& “Selling” your Business
  4. Funding & Finance for Business
  5. Staff & Developing your Team 
  6. Business Strategy 
  7. Website Creation and Optimisation

Tender Open Date

Tuesday 16th March 2021

Deadline Date

Your response is required by: 12noon Wednesday 7th April 2021

How to return your Proposal

You are instructed to return your documents by email to:


Emails must be clearly marked:

“Confidential – Ad: Venture workshop Provision Proposal”

 You MUST respond by the date and time indicated to be considered.

For full details please see the downloadable PDF document HERE 

INVITATION TO TENDER FOR: Huddersfield Business Growth Programme

small business events

INVITATION TO TENDER FOR:     Huddersfield Business Growth Programme


Providers are invited by the University of Huddersfield to submit a tender for the above requirement.

Please find below the ITT and instructions.

1. HUD-RAE-016v2 – AdVenture – ITT

2. Standard T&C for the Supply of Services

Please check and read the contents of the tender package carefully, ensuring that you have all of the attachments described above.

Tender submissions should be made electronically via the In-Tend system in accordance with the enclosed ‘Instructions to Tenderers’.

The return date for tenders is no later than 11:00am on 23rd October 2020.

Sales Portal Creation – Contract Opportunity from Pinpoint

Business women mentoring


Pinpoint is a marketplace management agency. We are the only comprehensive marketplace management company in the UK. As a comprehensive marketplace agency we work with a handful of clients and manage their online presence on sites such as eBay and Amazon. In management terms we manage their full presence – from listing goods, to liaising with customers and couriers and dealing with refunds and customer disputes.


To continue the expansion of our business we are looking to automate a large portion of our workflows which would significantly cut our manual work time. A sales management portal would provide a platform where all stakeholders could gain access to the relevant information in real time and where our employees could create customer support ticketing workflows. This portal shall be maintained by Pinpoint and/or its representatives. Necessary software and licenses are to be provided to maintain the website. All licenses, if any, will be procured in the name of Pinpoint.


If you would like to submit a quote for this work, please read the full specification below, and respond by providing an electronic submission to the following email address:


For any queries you can contact on 01924 444434

Please provide in your preferred format, along with a full and clear pricing schedule covering all required aspects of the specification.


The deadline for submissions is 30 JUNE 2020


Our sales portal will be a website centred sales management system integrated with our marketplaces. Some of the features of the portal are listed below. It will primarily be a closed network that will facilitate the access of live sales data for the relevant stakeholders. The Portal will have 3 main aspects to it. It will/be

  • A bespoke and professional website portal that will be integrated with our online marketplaces allowing our clients to gain view of live orders and download sales reports all from one portal removing the need for us to send over data manually or for our partners to login to each marketplace individually
  • Integrated with our courier partner couriers allowing for automated uploads of shipping labels and additional customer delivery details
  • Allow the creation of ticketing system which will allow our employees to delegate tasks and respond to customer enquiries all from one portal

Additional Specification details

  • Portal should have master admin access for Pinpoint only allowing us to reset user passwords and view log of activities
  • Portal should have UIM (user identity management facility)
  • Pinpoint will own the domain name registration of the sales portal
  • Portal should be designed in a way that it will permit stakeholders to view and download relevant and live data
  • Website should allow the users to upload, access and navigate the information easily. Stakeholders should have ability to create and save custom reports, easily share reports with others users and export reports to Excel
  • It should contain in site archive functions, filter options to maximise the search.
  • Portal must be compatible with all currently and available browsers and no plugins are to be required as default to access the portal
  • It should support users to print or email pages.
  • Broad design of the portal to be generic type and different types of categories of contents/user to be maintained by Web-admin with the facility of addition, deletion, edit, restoring and hide from public view