Resilience Fund – Grant Claim

Building better business resilience

Grant funding for AD:VENTURE clients


If you have now bought the items and/or services outlined in the Grant Funding Agreement then please complete our online grant claim form below.  Please ensure that you have the following information to hand before starting to complete the form:

  • Your unique AD:VENTURE reference (you can find this on the front of your Grant Funding Agreement e.g. ADV012345B);
  • An electronic receipt for each item you have bought;
  • An invoice for each service that you have received;
  • An image of each item that you have bought;
  • A bank statement that shows payment leaving your bank account for each item and service;
  • The details for your business bank account; and,
  • An asset register detailing any items you have purchased that cost in excess of £1,000 (click here to access our template).

If you have any questions when completing the grant claim form then please contact your business adviser, or our general line: 0845 524 0210