Giving 20 gifts to help bring people and businesses of Leeds together

A new campaign launched by AD:VENTURE client Gifted Media on the 30 March aims to bring the city’s businesses and residents together in a bid to boost relations and well-being. #Gift20Leeds is the idea is the brainchild of media expert Kristina Wilcock who wants at least 20 Leeds firms to pledge 20 of their resources to local projects by 2020.

The ’20’ gifts could be anything from donating sports kits or healthy meals to holding training and mentoring sessions for people. Ms Wilcock said: “I don’t want this to be tick box corporate responsibility but hopefully the start of something that is carried on and quality involvement rather than one day where everybody goes off and plants a flower bed.” Ms Wilcock officially launched and unveil the project tonight on Wednesday at an event at the Parkside Tavern Pub where businesses and organisations could sign up to the scheme. She is leading the way for pledges by offering 20 free media skills workshops to community groups this year with her own business, Gifted Media Relations Ltd, and has been in talks with Leeds City Council, Leeds Community Foundation and the NHS about their involvement as well. One of the main events is set to be a city wide event on July 25 which is the point at which #Gift20Leeds reaches half way. It is envisaged that on that day there will be a host of activities and workshops taking place across Leeds. Ms Wilcock came up with the idea after becoming more interested in well-being in the community and the work place following a diagnosis of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder following a car crash years ago.

Kristina said: “In the last 18 months getting a mental health diagnosis has made me think differently about what I wanted to do in the world of work and what is important to me. What I have learned is that sharing skills and expertise can make a huge difference to other people. “The other thing is that Leeds is my home and I love living here, I have lived here longer than anywhere else but there is a disconnection between the city and the community. So if a business were to give a day of mentoring for 20 people it gives more of a connection and a legacy by passing that expertise on.” The launch of #Gift20Leeds was held at Parkside Tavern, Merrion Street and judging by media interaction from regional businesses was a great success!

We look forward to hearing more from Kristine and Gifted Media!