About the company

Rebecca Hopwood set up marketing consultancy Youbee Media in the middle of the pandemic, after working from home made her reassess her priorities.

Rebecca had always wanted to set up her own business and soon realised she didn’t miss the long commute from her home in Birstall to the digital marketing company, where she had worked since 2014. So, in September 2020 she set up Youbee Media – and says the growth since has been phenomenal.

“I started Youbee Media because I saw an opportunity to help businesses who may be affected by the pandemic to not only ‘ride it out’ but to actually do better than the previous year,” says Rebecca, who has a degree in media and marketing from Leeds Trinity University.

Youbee Media offers marketing services including marketing strategy, social media, websites, email marketing, social advertising and blogs.

The company already represents 12 different brands and has clients including Saltaire Brewery, DTX Network Services and Yonda Sports.

Project objectives

Rebecca came to AD:VENTURE as soon as she set up the company, as she had already heard such good things about it.

“The first thing I did was register with AD:VENTURE because I wanted someone I could talk to about my business in a way that I can’t talk to family or friends or potential clients,” says Rebecca.

“I can ask questions, even silly ones, and get advice. I really wanted someone to come on the journey with me, so I didn’t feel so alone, especially as lockdown meant there were no face-to-face events to go to.”

YouBee Media HQ!

Youbee Media HQ!


Rebecca was assigned an AD:VENTURE business adviser, Paul Tansey, and attended a series of workshops on topics including PR and legal matters.

She was awarded a grant in December for £2,315. Rebecca used this to buy office equipment including two laptops and monitors, mobile phones, a printer, a marketing banner and furniture for a break-out space.

Rebecca says: “The grant gave me the confidence to buy equipment and put a deposit down on the office. By the time I got into the office just before Christmas I knew I would need staff, so I budgeted for more equipment than I needed.

“I also wanted a nice break-out space as I really want people to feel as though they can break away from their desk and take some time to themselves. Also the office is close to a park and local amenities, so that people can exercise after work or go for a drink.”

Rebecca has now taken on her first recruit Emma, a digital marketing apprentice, and is looking to employ another new team member in the next 6 months to keep up with her fast growing client base.

Rebecca and Emma



“I always wanted to have my own business, but was never confident enough to do it. But knowing that support was there really gave me that confidence and I knew I was not alone. Even knowing that I could have a mentor and share my concerns, plans and aspirations took some pressure off. I am so grateful for AD:VENTURE,” says Rebecca.

“AD:VENTURE has given me the encouragement to keep going, when I could have quite easily given up. It has supported me financially, but also emotionally. I recommend the programme to any young businesses that I come across.”