Power Sheds, based in Bradford, was set up by entrepreneurs Jack Sutcliffe and Simon Hobson in April 2019. With 38 years’ experience between them working at a garden shed manufacturer, the pair saw a gap in the market for producing sheds within a short time frame.

Power Sheds have developed a pallet which forms the base of every shed the company produces. The panels are flat-packed, meaning that they are delivered for customers to assemble themselves. The company guarantees that a shed will be delivered anywhere in the UK and Ireland within three days of being ordered.

“We feel that our product will change the industry in the same way that the mattress-in-a-box concept did when it was first launched,” Jack said. “Our sheds are modular-based so they are easily scalable, simple to manufacture and quick to deliver.”

The company currently employs nine people at its warehouse on Euroway Trading Estate in Bradford and has seen rapid growth every month since launching in April. They sell products on Amazon and from their website and have started to develop the B2B side of the business, with some garden centres now on board.


It wasn’t long after launching the business that Jack and Simon realised there was a big demand for their products. “We had to stop doing online advertising because we couldn’t keep up with the orders we were getting,” Jack said.

“We had two people measuring and cutting the timber, which meant that others were waiting for their timber to be cut so they could manufacture the shed panels.”

Jack and Simon have set a target of trebling in size by October 2020, but it was clear that a more efficient way of working was needed to enable further growth.


Power Sheds had gone from producing 15 sheds per month shortly after launch to between 300 and 400 sheds per month in October 2019, with orders continuing to rise.

With the help of a £6000 grant from the AD:VENTURE programme, Power Sheds were able to purchase a ProfiStop automated saw. The equipment measures the timber to the correct length allowing it to be cut very quickly, and reduces waste.

The new equipment means that Power Sheds are on target to triple their size within the next year, with plans to expand into Europe.  Jack added: “From a sales perspective it’s not going to be that difficult for us. It’s just being able to meet the demand which we have struggled with, so the new equipment is helping us in that respect.”

“Having the ProfiStop saw has meant that the panels are more accurately measured because it removes any human error, and it has streamlined the cutting process which has freed up people to do other things,” Jack said. “Ultimately that means we can manufacture more timber and increase sales. It’s made a massive difference to the way we operate because we are no longer restricted by our capacity.”

The company continued to see growth, and came back to the AD:VENTURE team in March 2020 for a further grant of £8400 to help with costs for expansion projects including a compressor and IT equipment.

At the end of 2020, with the company seeing even further growth as a result of the Covid impacts, they are now manufacturing more than 1,000 sheds a month to customers all over the UK, making wood garden, bike, potting and security sheds. They aim to recruit a further 12 staff members by the end of 2020.

The pair have also won a number of prestigious business awards, including the 2020 SME National Business Awards for ‘Best New Business’, and the well-recognised Great British Entrepreneur Award for ‘Disruptor of the Year.


Jack says the support Power Sheds have had from AD:VENTURE has played a big part in the company’s rapid growth.

“They’ll happily come out and see you and are always available to give you advice on anything that you might need. They’ve also advised us on where to go for other funding and put us in contact with lots of different people who might be able to help us.”

To find out more about Power Sheds, visit https://www.powersheds.com