BishopSound, based in Ripon, was set up by experienced entrepreneur Andrew Bishop in 2016. The company specialises in producing high quality advanced PA speaker equipment which it claims is ‘built on the desire to deliver quality sound with the power to move people’.

The firm is run by Andrew and his wife Victoria and sells to festivals, schools and colleges, houses of worship, bands and DJs – wherever good quality sound is needed.

BishopSound was set up with the aim of delivering the distinctive ‘British sound’ which was made famous in the 1960s when bands such as The Beatles topped the world music charts. The ‘British sound’ mainly came from the amplification and loudspeakers they used, but was also recognised by their Hi-Fi, recording studio mixing consoles and PA systems.

BishopSound launched eight years after founder Andrew sold his previous company, Carlsbro Electronics.

“If you’re a musician who spent ten years learning how to play guitar and then you go out gigging, but nobody can hear you, it’s all a bit pointless!” Andrew said. “My previous customers were pestering me to start providing the old ‘British sound’ to the market again. I had a customer in Nigeria who said that he would buy some speakers if they had the Bishop name on the front, and that’s how it all started.”


Andrew knew there was a market for his speaker equipment, but launching a new business comes with its own costs.

“We didn’t want to sell through shops alone so our website had to be credible. We needed to get a web developer who knew how to create a consumer website that customers could confidently purchase our products from,” he said.

“We also needed strong photography of the products, and we wanted to launch the business with a promotional video.”


BishopSound were awarded an £11,000 grant from AD:VENTURE, which was used to develop their website, product photography, a promotional video and IT equipment.

Following their AD:VENTURE support, BishopSound are now growing by 140% year-on-year. Their speakers have been used by the likes of Elbow, The Courteneers and members of Ocean Colour Scene. Glastonbury also contacted the firm and installed BishopSound speakers and cables at the 2019 festival.

“We’re in a phenomenal growth pattern at the moment – every month we seem to double our turnover compared to the previous year,” Andrew added. “People have latched on to the sound that we create, looked at the price and realised that there’s no point in going anywhere else.”

Due to the company’s rapid growth, Andrew is now developing prototypes with a Yorkshire firm in the hope of being able to sell speakers which are manufactured in our region. “Next year we are hoping to sell two or three speaker systems which have been made in the UK. We want to bring British-manufactured speakers back to the market.”


The AD:VENTURE grant has meant that Andrew can manage the demand for his products. “Without that funding, we definitely wouldn’t have been able to operate at the capacity we are currently working at and we’ve been able to speed up our new product plans,” he added.

“I would advise anybody who wants to grow their business to get in touch with AD:VENTURE as soon as possible. Their advisors will ask much needed challenging questions, which help entrepreneurs like me stay focused, but they have tremendous expertise because they have helped many other businesses trying to do the same thing.”

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