AD:VENTURE Case Studies



AD:VENTURE can help your business to start up or scale up in a range of different ways.

We think the best way to show you what we can do is by example, so take a look through our case studies where our clients share their stories, and how tell you AD:VENTURE supported them to achieve their growth goals.

As a little taster we can offer:

MENTORING – Our brilliant advisors can help you in so many ways. Guiding you through your journey, helping you set goals and then challenge you to tackle them and more crucially, acting as your trusted critical friend.

WORKSHOPS – Loads of free (Yep, we did say FREE) events are on offer – Tackling those topics that trouble you and helping you to set goals and actions that will keep your business on it’s scale up journey all the way to the top.

Marketing, Branding, Sales, HR, Finance, Grants & Funding, Business Planning, Strategy, Leadership, Pitching and Networking – We’ve got it covered!

FINANCE AND FUNDING – Whether it’s helping you decide what finance route is the right choice for you, guiding you through your grant application or helping you to source the right product. Our team are well connected, and can offer you insight onto financial products ranging from government loans, growth grants, investors, traditional bank products or new crowdfunding products. Helping you raise your finance, and save your time.

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