Sales Re-Imagined, The Current & Future State of Sales-Part 1


Starts in 3 Months, 14 Days

17th March 2022 9:30 am - 11:00 am

An interactive and informative webinar to help you understand the current and future state of sales and the impact upon your business.


Please note this is a two part session.

Nick Bramley will share how the sales landscape has changed, and continues to change, with the advent of social selling and relationship development based sales replacing, or at least working alongside more “traditional” routes to achieve success.

Sales was already evolving but COVID19 has changed the game even more.

We currently have no exhibitions, limited, if any face-to-face networking and a significantly reduced face-to-face engagement with prospects and even existing customers, and yet, we are all now Zoom & Teams competent. So, how can you harness these new collective skills to develop a sales focus that is opportunistic and agile, rather than being a victim of circumstances?

• How does the landscape look for you?

• What should you be considering in terms of your new or evolving sales strategy?

• How can you create more sales by standing out from the competition, and how can you elevate your business?

• How can you generate inbound enquiries in a crowded market?

These and other questions will be asked and answered in a very interactive and engaging session.

If you want to see successfully into 2021, this is one session not to miss

Hosted by Nick Bramley of IMPACTUS Group, one of the Region’s most successful sales experts, Nick will make these webinars engaging, interesting, thought provoking and even fun. He will help you to shape your sales function for the confidence needed to compete in the future. Whatever your level of experience, from novice to experienced, you will take away a host of practical tips and actions to really support your business aspirations going forward.



Logging on to the session:

You will receive a reminder email two days before the online workshop this will give you the link and password you will require to enter the session. You will be taken to a registration page, if you can fill out your details in and click register you will be taken through to the online workshop. The workshop will start promptly at 9:30am, however for our records you will be required to sign into the session. Therefore can we ask you log on to the workshop from 9.00am. Once you are in the session, you will receive a signing in sheet, if you can follow the instructions via the email and sign the document online and click complete.

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