Business Resilience


7th May 2020 9:30 am - 11:00 am

Business Resilience

The most important area for any business is to survive the challenges and be ready to develop beyond those same challenges, either now, or when the timing is right and more favourable. Easier said than done, but the choice can be yours. Do you want to be a victim or a leader? By leader, that doesn’t mean necessarily leading a team, but leading your own actions and action plans to take control of your own business destiny.

This webinar will show you how to take control, maintain control, and turn that control to your advantage. It will show you how to identify challenge and either meet that challenge head on or initiate other actions that mitigate or remove that challenge altogether.

All of the above will leave you more determined than ever to get through this and be ready to take your business forward on your own terms. Please note that this is NOT a Financial Resilience webinar……


  • – What Is a Business Victim?
  • – What Do I Actually Offer as a Business?
  • – Where Is The Value I Can Leverage Right Now?
  • – What Are The Challenges I May Face?
  • – Strategies to Mitigate Those Challenges?
  • – My Plan B
  • – How Can I Build a Resilience Action Plan?

Hosted by Nick Bramley of IMPACTUS Group, one of the Region’s most experienced Business Consultants and Coaches, Nick will make this webinar high-impact, practical and very output driven. He will help you to shape your resilience plan for the confidence needed to compete in the future. Whatever your business experience, whatever your current challenges, Nick will share a host of practical tips and actions to really support your business aspirations going forward.


Logging on to the session:

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The AD:VENTURE programme is supported by the 2014 – 2020 European Regional Development Fund.