Building an Effective Sales Function – Two Part Session (Part 1)


28th July 2020 9:30 am - 11:00 am

Building an Effective Sales Function – Two Part Session

The most important area for any business to understand and influence is that of SALES. Without sales, the business will not operate, and without being on control of your sales, there is a lot of potential to impact on any number of other key areas such as finance, cashflow, operations, supplies etc. Sales in the current climate is and may remain, challenging….

So how do you ensure that you maximise your sales potential, pitch for more business and win more deals? Is sales something of a “black art” to you? How do you take and keep control and how do you get the right price for your product or service?

All of these questions (and more) will be answered in this very accessible, easy to understand, myth-busting two part mini-series webinar.

This two part workshop will cover the following:

  • Creating & Controlling An Effective Sales Strategy
  • The Power of Data & Information in Creating Sales Potential
  • Target Customers & What They Could Look Like?
  • The Art of Prospecting for New Customers or Clients
  • Creating a Compelling Offer
  • Taking Your Offer to Market – Effective Engagement Techniques
  • Building & Managing a Pipeline of Opportunity
  • Objection Management & Handling
  • How to Close a Deal
  • Creating a Sales Action Plan

Hosted by Nick Bramley of IMPACTUS Group, one of the Region’s most successful sales experts, Nick will make these webinars engaging, interesting, thought provoking and even fun. He will help you to shape your sales function for the confidence needed to compete in the future. Whatever your level of experience, from novice to experienced, you will take away a host of practical tips and actions to really support your business aspirations going forward.


Logging on to the session:

You will receive a reminder email two days before the online workshop this will give you the link and password you will require to enter the session. You will be taken to a registration page, if you can fill out your details in and click register you will be taken through to the online workshop. The workshop will start prompt at 10am, however for our records you will be required to sign into the session. Therefore can I ask you log on to the workshop from 9.30am. Once you are in the session, you will receive a signing in sheet, if you can follow the instructions via the email and sign the document online and click complete.

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