Bradford Business Pathway – The Fundamentals of Finance


6th March 2019 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Bradford Business Pathway with Ad:Venture

Is your business under 3 years old? Are you a start up or pre-start? This flexible and dynamic pathway unlocks the growth potential of new businesses. Offering you knowhow and moral support, and with the backing of university expertise, you can benefit from:

  • Short, regular sessions
  • Courses delivered by a hand-picked team of business growth specialists

Our 7 bite size weekly sessions run from 10am to 12:30pm at the well equipped Heaton Mount Conference Centre, with free onsite parking. We are also offering one full day session Tuesday 5 March, which will run from 10am- 4pm. We ask that you aim to attend a minimum of 5 of these high quality, fully funded sessions to feel the full benefit of what we have to offer.

Wednesday 16 January: Developing Your Brand

Wednesday 23 January: Digital KnowHow

Wednesday 30 January: Marketing for Growth

Wednesday 6 February: Building Business Relationships

Wednesday 13 February: Practical Sales Techniques

Wednesday 27 February: Taking the Stress Out of Getting Paid

Tuesday 5 March: Do-It-Yourself PR Bootcamp (FULL DAY)

Wednesday 6 March: The Fundamentals of Finance

Further course details are outlined below. You can pick and choose which sessions you would like to attend during the online registration process.

Please note that your business must be under 3 years old, or at start-up or pre start stage to qualify. Your business must also be based within Leeds City Region*. Some sectors are not eligible, but we will contact you if this is the case for your business. We are sorry, but we can only accept one delegate from each business.

Thank you from the Ad:Venture Team!

*Leeds City Region includes includes the ten local authority districts of Leeds, Bradford, York, Kirklees, Barnsley, Wakefield, Selby, Calderdale, Harrogate and Craven.

Bradford Business Pathway Workshop Information

Wednesday 16 January – Developing Your Brand

This thought-provoking session will encourage you to explore the personality of your business and the power of your brand. It provides an opportunity to step back and see your business as others do. Expect to leave this session with:

  • a step by step guide to developing and establishing a powerful brand for your business
  • an enhanced appreciation of what makes an effective business brand

Wednesday 23 January – Digital KnowHow

This fast paced and intensive session covers the essentials of digital marketing. From search engines to social media, email to pay per click, explore the power of the new marketing mix. Expect to leave with:

  • tips on how to manage your digital profile
  • a better understanding of how to market your business in a digital age

Wednesday 30 January – Marketing for Growth

Discover how to plan and implement marketing activity more effectively. Expect to leave this fast paced and interactive session with a better understanding of:

  • propositions and target markets
  • how to carry out market research
  • how to set a pricing structure
  • promotional tools such as PR, advertising and direct mail
  • how to develop a brand

Wednesday 6 February – Building Business Relationships

Develop confidence and pick up practical tips on how to build long-lasting, fruitful relationships which will enable you and your business to flourish. Expect to leave this session with the knowledge to:

  • map out your networks
  • understand key roles within networks
  • tailor your messages to different audiences
  • build rapport
  • develop rewarding business relationships

Wednesday 13 February – Practical Sales Techniques

Forget outdated, high pressure sale techniques. Instead, discover the natural fit between a need and your product or service. Expect to leave this insightful session with your own step–by-step guide to:

  • simple sales strategies
  • the buying and selling process
  • end to end sales, including starting a sales conversation, handling objections and the all-important close
  • handling customer data

Wednesday 27 February – Taking the Stress Out of Getting Paid!

Your cash flow is the life blood of your business. Money in the bank is a key enabler for business growth and allows you to invest in company essentials, so effective financial administration is paramount to all businesses. This entertaining and interactive session will show you how to avoid cash flow adversities. Learn how to:

  • implement successful credit control processes and systems that ensure you are prepared, on time, every time
  • maintain essential cashflow in your business
  • maximise cash in the bank for continued business growth

Tuesday 5 March – DIY PR Bootcamp (10am – 4pm)

Led by marketing and PR Consultant Ros Walker, this full day boot camp enables businesses to plan their PR activity away from the distractions of day to day business. This working session will cover:

  • what makes a good story
  • how to grab the attention of journalists
  • how to write a compelling press release
  • lots of other ways to achieve valuable exposure for your business

Expect to leave this “away day” style session with:

  • a draft press release for your business
  • an enhanced list of media contacts
  • the knowhow required to generate media coverage
  • increased confidence and ability to promote your business

Wednesday 6 March – The Fundamentals of Finance

This 100% practical session leads you through financial terminology and explains how to interpret financial information, enabling you to prepare more meaningful budgets that can make your business more profitable. Expect to leave this session with an overview of options for raising finance and the ability to:

  • differentiate between income, expenditure, assets and liabilities so you can present meaningful information to providers of finance
  • understand how to make your business more profitable
  • understand common mistakes fledgling businesses make with regard to tax
  • understand the latest on the implementation of digital taxation and records
  • work with your accountant more effectively