AD:VENTURE Start-Up Series #Session 4 – Marketing for new businesses


21st May 2018 5:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Session 4 – Marketing for new businesses

Thinking through a well-developed marketing strategy can be the key to your businesses success. Can you be sure you really understand and know who your customer is? How do you know customers want to buy your product/service? Do you know how and when you will reach them?

This session will help you think about:

  • Your target market – who is the Customer?
  • Your proposition – what is your offer to the customer?
  • Your USP – why you and your product/service?
  • Why not your competitor?
  • And -Your route to Your customers. Is it digital all the way? Or – Do your customers miss the human interaction?

This session is part of a 4 part series which is being held every Monday for 4 weeks at Leeds Library. It is advised to attend all 4 sessions to get the most out of the support offer.

  • Session 1 – Monday 23 April – Is starting a business right for you? – BOOK HERE

  • Session 2 – Monday 30 April – Getting into your customers’ heads – BOOK HERE

  • Session 3 – Monday 14 May – Writing a business plan – BOOK HERE

  • Session 4 – Monday 21 May – Marketing for new businesses – BOOK HERE

Venue:  Room 700. Leeds Central Library. Calverley St. Leeds. LS1 3AD.

Follow up 1:2:1 sessions are available for delegates at the end of the programme and priority will be given to those delegates who complete all sessions.

Each week our specialist experts will take you through the various aspects of starting a small business, including developing a business plan to ensure a smooth and successful launch.

We will provide you with all the necessary information to help you start a new business.

The AD:VENTURE programme is supported by the 2014 – 2020 European Regional Development Fund.