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What is EKE?
EKE Activity is based on the principles of ‘Action Learning’

This is an approach to solving ‘real’ problems and barriers to growth which involves asking questions, trialling solutions and reflecting upon the results in small teams, like `Director networks’

How does it work?
A small group of business owner’s will work together to identify and unpack business problems and formulate ways of tackling these using the experience of the group.

This has been shown to be one of the most effective ways that SME owners can learn and impact upon their business. It’s about learning through everyday stuff and from other businesses owners who can genuinely understand your perspective.

The success of this kind of learning and problem solving is based on the fact that we learn most when we reflect on our actions and the experience associated with them. This is especially true if we are working with people who understand our experiences and who can help to provide structured solutions to our own problems and issues.

The emphasis is to help individuals unpick the issue in question to arrive at ‘action points’ through insightful questioning, encouraging reflection, challenging their assumptions and offering feedback in a supportive environment.

These groups build strong ties and relationships, offering new networks and invigorating your approach through learning from others.

What will I get out of this?
EKE networks give participants the opportunity to learn from each other and engage in shared learning;

EKE groups provide opportunities to network, build strong cross organisational relationships and learn about other businesses;

EKE networks allow participants to focus on their problems, barriers to growth & development, or seeking solutions to development needs;

This enables participants to deal with the kind of complex business and organisational problems which cannot easily be resolved through generic training, workshops or sector specific initiatives;

EKE aims to support participants to develop action plans, to change and make changes and improvements in their own businesses and draw upon the expertise and experience of the network to achieve their goals. 

So…..what does EKE look in practice?

Small groups of 5-7 people (the network) meet on regular basis to find ways of understanding and solving their business challenges, problems etc.  The sessions are structured to give everyone “air time” about their individual issue/challenge. 

Network meetings are not about solving a problem for someone else, but helping them resolve the issue themselves through effective questioning, reflection and if appropriate the suggestion of options.  The challenges/issues should not require specialist knowledge from network members or the network ‘facilitator’.   

Between network meetings each participant is charged with the responsibility of “taking action” and learning from the results (hence the term action learning).  Sets have a trained facilitator to ensure that participants are asking effective questions, helping each other to resolve issues, take action and learn.      

How do I sign up?

Our University partners are all offering EKE programmes and you can email them directly or contact us to find out more and register to attend.

Leeds Trinity – adventure@leedstrinity.ac.uk

Bradford- adventure@bradford.ac.uk

Leeds Beckett – adventure@leedsbeckett.ac.uk

You can also access EKE programmes via your advisor and the events calendar.

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